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Malmström lab

We combine proteomics and systems biology to investigate the molecular mechanisms of life. Our international and multidisciplinary team develops new techniques in quantitative and structural mass spectrometry along with new computational tools to investigate the biological mechanisms involved sepsis and cancer, from a systems-medicine perspective. The collaborative team consists of physicians, biologists, biochemists, and computational biologists. We combine basic and translational research and strive to solve challenges in medicine, technology and sustainability. 



Joel had his half-time presentation & discussion

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 13.28.01.png

Sounak & Erik presented at the infection medicine retreat


We are dedicated to exploring new advances in medical research. We specialize in a range of areas including structural biology, proteomics, biomarkers, diagnostics, bioinformatics, and machine learning. Our experienced team of researchers use the latest techniques and technologies to drive innovation and lead the way in scientific discovery. Read more here.

Malmstrom Lab

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